Tom Paley and Joe Locker - banjo tablature


One of the founder members of the "New Lost City Ramblers", Tom Paley has a huge discography. He has performed in duos and groups with Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, the Seeger family, and learned hundreds of traditional Old Time tunes as well as original compositions, first hand from the likes of Uncle Dave Macon, Sam McGee, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry. He was also most likely the person who introduced Ramblin Jack Elliot to Cisco and Woody, and it was through Tom and his many recordings that the next generation of artists such as Jack Elliot and Ry Cooder learned many of the songs they helped to make famous. Joe Locker has appeared on many of Tom's albums and founded New Deal String Band with Tom and his son Ben Paley.

After meeting Joe and Tom, Jonny Chan asked them to teach him some of these tunes and is trying to make them available to a wider audience through these tabs. They are in the style of Tom, or the original artist, but we do not claim that they are identical. You may use these tabs for educational purposes only.




  "Little Rabbit" - uses Tom's unique style of Old Time frailing. Click for tabs in the style of recording on LP Hard Luck Papa.

 "Needlecase" - uses Joe's 3-finger picking style. Click for tabs in the style of Sam McGee.